Fast indentation with NanoBlitz 3D

Material property maps with NanoBlitz 3D

Take advantage of 20+ years of
micro and nanoindentation experience
from KLA.

Need a demo of hardness and modulus measurements on your film? Contact us for the latest innovations from the KLA Nano Indenter® systems.

  • Precise nanoindenter measurements on films from micro to nano range of loads and displacements
  • Ambient and in-situ nanoindentation systems for hardness testing based on the Oliver-Pharr technique
  • Fast indentation (1 indent/sec) using NanoBlitz 3D for material modulus mapping and statistical analysis on metals, alloys, thin films, and low-k materials
  • Proprietary webinars taught by nanomechanical experts at KLA

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  • Not sure of what you need? Let us introduce you to KLA’s full suite of nano and microindentation systems – Nano Indenter® G200X , iNano®, iMicro, InSEM® HT and NanoFlip
  • Measure substrate independent Young’s modulus of thin films and hard coatings
  • Measure storage modulus and loss modulus with the ProbeDMA option
  • Take advantage of high-temperature nanoindentation to evaluate creep and other material properties
  • Use ISO 14577 compliant and customizable test methods for your unique material measurements
Product image of the Nano Indenter G200X