Metal and alloy
microhardness quantified with mechanical property mapping from KLA.

80 x 80 indentation array (200 x 200μm) on Ni-based superalloy

Hardness map for Ni-based superalloy

Want to learn more about nanoindentation techniques for metals, metal alloys and metal films? Download the latest Application Note for KLA Nano Indenter® systems.


  • Precise nanoindenter measurements on metals and metal films from micro to nano range of loads and displacements
  • Fast indentation (1 indent/sec) and statistical analysis using NanoBlitz 3D for elastic modulus and hardness modulus mapping on metals, alloys, and metallic films, including steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel, and other metals and alloys
  • Yield stress measurement using flat punch indentation for generating stress/strain curves for small sample volumes with no need for machining dog bones or pillars
  • Strain rate sensitivity of metals and metal alloys
  • Ambient and in-situ nanoindentation systems for hardness testing based on the Oliver-Pharr technique
Zeta 20 Landing
Data Transfer

  • Generate stress/strain curves on small samples using KLA’s patented yield stress measurement technique
  • Measure substrate-independent elastic modulus of metallic films and hard coatings
  • Use the mechanical property mapping capability to map microhardness variation resulting from additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal alloys
  • Measure high strain rate impact hardness and strain rate sensitivity
  • Take advantage of high-temperature nanoindentation to evaluate creep and other material properties
  • Use ISO 14577 compliant and customizable test methods for your unique material measurements
  • Access proprietary webinars taught by nanomechanical experts at KLA
  • Not sure of what you need? Let us introduce you to KLA’s full suite of nano and microindentation systems – Nano Indenter® G200X, iNano®, iMicro, InSEM® HT and NanoFlip
Product image of the Nano Indenter G200X