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Automated Surface Profiler Solutions for SAW, BAW, FBAR

SAW Device Manufacturing.

SAW Device Manufacturing

Problem: For surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, device performance has high sensitivity to surface flatness in SiO2 insulating layers. Precise measurement of chemical mechanical polish (CMP) erosion is required to control this process.

Solution: The HRP-260® automated high-resolution stylus profiler, with low noise floor and high z resolution, accurately measures deep and very shallow post-CMP erosion steps heights. The precision enables production monitoring to maximize performance for surface acoustic wave sensor devices.

FBAR Device Manufacturing.

BAW Device Manufacturing

Problem: The resonance frequency of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices is proportional to the tungsten (W) thickness. Precise step height measurements are required to control this process.

Solution: The Zeta™-388 automated optical profiler with phase shifting interferometry (PSI) quickly and precisely measures tungsten (W) etch depth. High precision enables tight production control and the speed enables high sampling across the wafer for critical etch depth process steps.

BAW Device Manufacturing.

FBAR Device Manufacturing

Problem: Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) devices include an air cavity (air gap), whose X-Y and Z dimensions impact the FBAR resonant frequency. Precise measurement of deep trench etch depths is required.

Solution: The Zeta™-388 automated optical profiler with ZDot™ technology and custom algorithms delivers accurate, non-contact trench depth measurement for features exceeding a 30:1 aspect ratio. This capability enables in-line production monitoring and avoids the need for destructive cross-section SEM measurements.

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