Orbotech Nuvogo™

4 月 20, 2023

KLA’s industry-leading Direct Imaging (DI) series: Powered by MultiWave Laser Technology, Orbotech Nuvogo™ delivers optimal line structure, with very high throughput and unprecedented quality. Superior line quality and registration accuracy is achieved through KLA’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO™) Technology. The Orbotech Nuvogo Series makes DI more economically viable for producers, by imaging on almost every resist type while lowering overall operational costs. Field proven to improve quality and throughput, the Nuvogo series is suitable for the largest variety of PCB manufacturing processes and technologies, from Quick Turn Around (QTA) to mass production for MLB, HDI, advanced HDI, Flex and Rigid-Flex applications, from inner layer to solder mask.

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