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Image of Nano Indenter® G200X

Latest offering from Nano Indenter® G200 series

  • The Nano Indenter® G200X can be used for nanomechanical property measurements, scanning probe microscopy, high temperature measurements and conductive nanoindentation
  • Applications include hardness, Young’s modulus, complex modulus of polymers, gels and biological tissue, and strain rate sensitivity of thin metallic films
  • Optional applications include frequency-specific testing, quantitative scratch and wear testing, integrated probe-based imaging, high-temperature testing and custom test protocols
Angled image of Profilm3D

Profilm3D/Profilm3D-200: affordable, industry-standard optical profilers

  • The Profilm3D family of optical profilers use industry-standard white-light-interferometry (WLI) and optional phase-shifting-interferometry (PSI) to produce high-quality surface profiles.
  • Standard features include automated XY stage with 100 or 200mm travel, autofocus, four-position turret, tip/tilt stage, and 500um piezo travel.
  • Applications: surface roughness, step heights, etch depth, dimensional measurements, and more.

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Data Transfer

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Compound Semi

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